Authentic Leadership and Facilitation Training

What if your leadership could be a source of energy, creativity, inspiration, and joy?alft-01

It’s possible to:

  • Learn to lead from your natural gifts
  • Let groups act through you, rather than acting for them
  • Create community that nourishes you, and a life that lights you up.


Over the past 3 years of leading evolutionary communities, I’ve developed a training process that will help you tune into your personal superpowers, read what a group is offering, and lead from authenticity. I’ve taught over 100 leaders and community creators how to work with emergent leadership – agency that comes from within, not without. And I’d love to share this with you.

Our facilitators have taken the social technology of Authentic Relating – empathic, vulnerable communication – into areas from social work to psychotherapy, childrens’ classrooms to the Coast Guard. They have created massive change towards a better world. We teach leaders to bring themselves into their leadership, and students to create from their own motivated joy.

If you want to bring yourself more to your life and your leadership, the Authentic Leadership and Facilitation Training is a great way to discover how. Over the course of the weekend, you’ll:

  • alft-02Get practice recognizing and speaking your truth, in a way that connects you more with yourself and with others
  • Understand the core skills of empathy and become able to get others’ worlds
  • Learn to speak from what truly matters to you, in any interaction
  • Discover your own personal Leadership Superpower
  • Get direct, continuous practice and feedback on leading experiences for a group
  • Learn how to create the flow of an event, choosing and ordering activities to lead people through an experiential journey
  • Create deep connections
  • Have FUN!



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About Sara

alft-04Sara Ness is an exuberant community creator and facilitator, founder of the Houston and Austin Authentic communities. She is passionate about exposing the joy of human connection. Sara has led hundreds of events of every kind, and has coached leaders across the world on how to lead Authentic Relating groups and events. She travels across North America spreading a revolution of authentic communication, and teaches circling in Austin, Texas. Check her out at!