Community Council Registration - Minus 3 hours of work/trade per month

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Terms & Conditions for The Integral Center Community Council Membership

What’s the Community Council? The core group who will represent what Integral Community can be. The tribe enjoying living their lives together while supporting and challenging each other to eat, breath and sleep these principles -- Integral Sangha. 

Council Members both support & benefit from the center for which they provide leadership. 

By supporting an extraordinary community center, and philanthropic events annually supporting the surrounding community, we will also invariably springboard our own practices and endeavors. 

Membership in the Community Council is by invite only.

We expect communiy council members to attend 1 community council meeting per month.

If you are going to miss a community council meeting, check in on the website.

You can cancel membership at anytime.  The Integral Center may choose to terminate your membership in the council at anytime.

Community Council membership includes all general member benefits.

The Integral Center Membership Terms & Conditions

All membership benefits are subject to change at any time.  We're dynamically steering the development of this organization and there may be frequent modifications especially at this early stage

Membership benefits will be frequently updated and published on the easy to access website.

Members are free to cancel at anytime.

If a member is unsatisfied with membership, they are entitled to a one-time one month refund if canceling membership.

The Integral Center may terminate a membership at anytime.

Please consult a physician before engaging in any Integral Center offerings that may be challenging psychologically or physically.

While it is The Integral Center's intention that all offerings be safe and all teachers of The Integral Center are vetted by the organization, members assume all risks involved in their attendance.

While The Integral Center does not promise that your growth and unfolding is more likely within the container of an Integral community, we think it will be.  😉