Human Elegance

Human Elegance: The Evolution of You

The persistent problems in your life are rooted in developmental limitations. Recurring problems, whether they show up in the organizational setting or in your private relationships, are challenging you to inhabit a larger, more complex seat of maturity. Until you adapt developmentally, the cyclical challenges continue to consume your time, attention and energy.

In this 10 week course Performance Coach and Developmental Psychology Expert Rob McNamara takes you on an exploration of your developmental future. You will discover the most mature stages we presently know of and you will gain access to a unique and nuanced perspective on human development’s highest achievements. This one of a kind corse never before offered to the public aims to take you swiftly into the holy grail of personal and professional work.

The developmental transformations to be explored are pragmatically focused upon bringing resolution to precisely that which you have not been able to resolve in your life. Challenges in Business, Intimacy, Vocation, Innovation, Love, Parenting and Sex all come together with one overarching aim: Cultivating Your Elegance as a Buman Being.

Thursday Evening’s, 7-9 PM, Beginning May 3rd
Exclusively at The Integral Center

$315.00 Single
$500.00 Couple
$100.00 Integral Center Members

Regular: $315
Couples: $500
Integral Center Members: $100

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