New Economy Seminar Series

Old ways of doing business are becoming obsolete as the speed, complexity, and distress of the world increases. Technological innovation and depleting resources are creating the perfect storm from which a new economic system must emerge. This system doesn’t extract natural and human resources and turn them into profit for the uber-rich. This system regenerates degraded ecosystems, revives debased communities, and recapitalizes the middle class as innate outcomes of day-to-day operations. In this system every human being has the opportunity to discover their higher purpose and give their gifts fully to the world. Workers have autonomy and flexibility and make enough to thrive. How is this possible? Join us in this series of 6 talks to find out what the New Economy looks like and how to become a part of it. Events are by donation, RSVP at

Wednesday April 5th 6:30-8:00pm

at the Impact Hub

Encoding the Legal, Financial and Social Foundations for Teal Organizations

with Tom Thomison

Rapidly changing business environments reward organizational agility, which prompts a move to decentralized decision making. Emerging Teal models of self-organization like Holacracy® distribute authority across the organization while aligning the work with an overarching purpose. What is a Teal Organization? Watch This Video to find out.

But too often the employer / employee divide still persists as a refuge for personal power holding. pushes the decentralization of power even further by encoding new legal, financial and social agreements in the pioneering model of the „For-Purpose Enterprise“ comprised of Organization, Company and Association.

With its groundbreaking work is deeply aligned with the fundamental Teal principles of self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose as described by Frederic Laloux in “Reinventing Organizations”. At the same time the For-Purpose Enterprise is not just an aspiration but an actual lived reality that an increasing number of pioneering organizations are adopting and exploring.

Speaker Bio:

Tom Thomison, co-Founder and partner of and HolacracyOne, will share’s genesis from evolutionary tensions emerging from successful implementations of Holacracy and how addresses them within its new framework to go beyond employment and liberate purposeful work.


The Meetup is followed by a full 1-day workshop hosted by

“Encoding Self-Organization Beyond the Work”

Experience what needs to shift to take self-organization to the next level: build pathways not only to work on purpose, but to earn and live on purpose as well.

-Tom Thomison & Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller

April 6th, 9 am – 5 pm, Integral Center, Boulder

Info and tickets:


Wednesday April 19th 6:30-8:00pm

at The Integral Center

Social Permaculture For the Next Economy

with Adam Brock

What if the solutions to a thriving, just society were right in front of us – and we just needed to change our perspective to see them? From the rainforest to the tundra, permaculture design is transforming landscapes worldwide into healthy ecosystems that benefit people and the planet equally. But permaculture has potent lessons outside the farm, as well, giving us ecologically-grounded insights into organizing our communities. In this interactive workshop, we’ll sketch the outlines of this ‘social permaculture’ and explore its potential for transforming our social movements, businesses, and entire economy.

Speaker Bio:

Adam Brock is a facilitator, entrepreneur and designer committed to advancing sustainability and social change in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. His work lies at the intersection of urban agriculture, sustainable business, and social change.

As co-founder and co-director of The GrowHaus, Adam helped transform an abandoned half-acre greenhouse into an award-winning hub for healthy food and urban agriculture. The GrowHaus, located in Colorado’s most polluted zip code, now engages thousands of low-income residents per year, grows 1500 heads of lettuce per week, and has an annual budget of $1 million.

A certified permaculture designer since 2008, Adam is active in both the local and national permaculture communities. He is one of the lead instructors for the Denver Permaculture Design Course and co-founded the Denver Permaculture Guild, one of the most active local guilds in the US. At the national scale, he served on the organizing committee of the inaugural North American Permaculture Convergence, as well as a contributor and guest editor of Permaculture Design Magazine (formerly Permaculture Activist).

Adam is a co-chair of Denver’s Sustainable Food Policy Council, a TEDxMileHigh speaker, and has been named one of “Colorado’s Top Thinkers” by the Denver Post. In addition to his solo facilitation and consulting work, Adam currently serves as Director of Social Enterprise at Joining Vision and Action, Denver’s premier consulting firm for social change organizations.


Wednesday May 3rd 6:30-8:00pm

at the Impact Hub

The New Economy, Beyond Capitalism

with Brian Tsuchiya and Jacki Saorsail

Brian and Jacki have worked together to define a new economic system that shifts the underlying structures of our businesses and the paradigms in which we operate. In this talk we will discuss how capitalism as we know it is designed to maximize returns to shareholders at the expense of people and planet and how employing a combination of social and economic structures can fundamentally change that dynamic. What we propose isn’t Socialism or Communism either. We see a new paradigm emerging that takes us out of the old dichotomies and creates a completely different possibility.

Business in the new economy will be designed from the ground up to regenerate degraded ecosystems, revive debased communities, and recapitalize the middle class. We can create a just and regenerative economy now by growing and replicating existing systems that do business in revolutionary ways. Business practices such as cooperative ownership, distributed authority governance, regenerative agriculture, agile development, fair trade, open-source innovation, and micro-finance have the potential to turn the entire economy around. Come find out how you can apply these innovations to your business and life to join the New Economy.

Speaker Bios:

For over two decades Brian Tsuchiya has been creating startups and working with entrepreneurs. He enjoys working with people who have interesting technology challenges and want to have a powerful social impact. Brian’s passion is supporting people to turn their visions into reality. As a serial entrepreneur, his journey has shown him that anything is possible. In building a startup or a software project the key is always people. Brian values deep relationships and true partnerships as the goal of any connection. In addition to being a software development partner he brings the expertise in the core areas of business growth such as business model development, funding, strategic planning, team building, and revenue generation.

As an entrepreneur and community organizer, Jacki Saorsail has spent the last 15 years exploring alternative business management and ownership structures for a more just and regenerative economy. She founded the Oklahoma Cooperative Housing Association, a non-profit that managed housing co-ops, owned and operated Om Gardens, an LLC organic gourmet mushroom farm, and was on the board of directors of the Oklahoma Food Co-op, the largest customer and producer-owned cooperative in the country. Jacki is currently working on a Masters Degree with Gaia University studying Regenerative Enterprise Design and managing membership at The Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado. She organizes educational events at The Integral Center, provides one-on-one business consulting for transformational entrepreneurs, and facilitates group business coaching circles that use the power of presence to bring new perspectives to tough problems.


Wednesday May 17th 6:30-8:00pm

at The Integral Center 

The Human Center of Action in the World

with Bob Dunham

The great spiritual and transformative traditions have shown that transformation goes beyond a personal internal shift to new actions and results in the world. Bob Dunham has spent decades exploring how the core elements of being human are the foundations of effective action in the world. Bob has used these foundations to reconstruct the skills and practices of action domains including leadership, teamwork, management, and community.

Join Bob for an exploration of how core elements of our humanity enable us to go beyond the mainstream mechanical interpretations of action and organizations to engage people in practices of creating shared futures, value, and meaning together.

Speaker bio:

Bob Dunham is founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership (IGL) and is co-author of The Innovator’s Way – Essential Practices for Successful Innovation with Dr. Peter Denning, published by MIT Press ( The Institute for Generative Leadership (IGL) ( delivers the human-action based disciplines of Generative Leadership in the Institute’s Generative Leadership Program™ (GLP) and the Coaching Excellence in Organizations program. The Institute has affiliates in India, Spain, and Latin America.

Bob holds two degrees from Stanford University, was on the staff that developed the three-year Ontological Design Course, and has studied the discipline of embodied learning and leadership extensively. Earlier in his career, he led the on-board software development team for the Hubble Space Telescope for several years, and co-holds patents for workflow technology based on the structure of human coordination.  

Prior to founding the Institute Bob developed his leadership disciplines as a VP in several companies. He has also been a guest lecturer in the Executive Certification Program for Presidio Graduate School and in the Leading by Design Fellows Program for the California College of the Arts. He was Adjunct Faculty, Executive in Residence, in the Presidio Graduate School MBA program in Sustainable Management and previously taught at the University of San Francisco. He is currently exploring Chinese inner wisdom traditions for their contribution to understanding and embodying generative leadership.


Wednesday June 7th 6:30-8:00pm

at the Impact Hub

Creating Thriving Companies through Employee Ownership

With Halisi Vinson

If you’re looking to attract and engage great employees, if innovation is important to your company’s relevancy, if you believe that employees should enjoy the fruits of their labor, then you need to hear more about Employee Ownership. The Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center will make the case for employee ownership as a competitive advantage and a practical succession option.

Speaker Bio:

Halisi Vinson, as the Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center, brings a wealth of knowledge and a strong skill set developed through her work in business development, marketing, consulting and over half of a decade in the venture capital industry.  Halisi spent the last seven years as a strategic consultant and has worked extensively in and with large and small companies, non-profits, and faith-based organizations.  Her pioneering ideas have led to the creation of innovative strategic plans, effective crisis communications messaging, and dynamic process optimization plans.  Halisi earned her Bachelors degree from Loyola Marymount University and her MBA from FW Olin School of Business at Babson College.


Wednesday July 19th 6:30-8:00pm

at Impact Hub Boulder

The New Economy Business Model You Really Want

with Alexis Neely

The New Economy is composed of more solo-entrepreneurs, contractors, and people employed in multiple part-time jobs. New business models can create more freedom for employees to choose the work they do. Alexis is responding to this trend with education on money and resource management with a strong focus on living a fulfilling, happy life.

Learn how to be your own boss without burning yourself out. Find financial liberation, doing life and business ON YOUR TERMS, not waiting for later to pay off debt or save enough money. You can design your life and business to serve your higher purpose, doing what you love, bringing your gifts fully into the world. The key is to become conscious of what resources you need and what resources you have and to control how they flow into and out of your life.

Do you know what ENOUGH is for you? Alexis can help you identify what you really need to be happy and start seeing how to get there. Learn how to make sure you have all the time, energy, attention and money (TEAM) resources you need for a life worth living. Know you can earn what you need, when you need it, on demand. With the right tools you can build your life and income with a solid foundation you can count on.

Speaker Bio:

Alexis Neely is a family wealth planning lawyer, entrepreneur, and business coach. As a successful serial entrepreneur, Alexis has built four million dollar plus companies and a couple of 6-figure companies as well. Today, she supports others to build a thriving livelihood through New Law Business Model, Family Wealth Planning Institute, and Eyes Wide Open Life.