Teachers Circle

Next IC Teacher Circle: Tues 13 Mar 11:30am-1:30pm (In the Red Room) Confirmed: Decker, Robert, Casey, Brooke, Keith, Sara, Marco, Jayson, KB, Reuvain, Christiane Can't make it: Huy Lam & Allison Conte

IC Teacher Circle (within Community Council) (Jan 17th, 2012)

Hey everyone,

This is your more private invitation to the core faculty for the Integral Center launching next month.
A subset of the Community Council, the Teachers Circle is looking like a very tight group of 30-40yr old facilitators and community leaders.
We are extremely lit up about this.
When a resonant group of young teachers came together in San Francisco 8 years ago, their ability to both grow personally/professionally And to reach waaay more people than they could on their own was literally synergistic. The gravity and charismatic vibe around an inspired group of do-gooders drew more clients to the work than the sum of the individuals were able to.
If you join this team, you will be helping create that phenomenon again, in a gorgeous community center with an extraordinary tribe around you.

The perks -
-All benefits of membership and community council for free ($0/month)
-Free use of the center for your classes to members (and discounted rates for your own rentals)
-Money in the form of referral fees for anyone you send to the center who becomes a member
-Promotion & Credential - Be included on a short list of teacher bio's on the Integral Center website and list (which is being revamped)
-Bi-monthly meetings with a very intimate and advanced group of fellow jedi
-Cross-promoting each other & cross-pollinating our messages and methods
-Supporting each other's reputations and calling each other out in a loving way
-Having fun going deep & creating something together
-The opportunity to forge a much needed format for second-tier forms of governance and integrity standards for teachers and community members

The requirements -
-Attend the Teacher's Meetings as scheduled (~1/month)
AND at least one of the two Council Meetings per month
-Offer your classes to Center Members for free
-Occasional Tours of Duty - co-lead a game night or men/women/parent circle for the membership
-Annual Philanthropy - Participate in a joint community service project (eg. Habitat for Humanity, etc) each year
-Maintain Pristine & Loving relationship with the fellow teachers, as an example for what inter-individual consciousness can be

There are several layers of conscious culture to be fleshed out, and to continually design together, but here are some rough sketches on a few critical subjects to get your wheels turning:

IP - The center will claim no intellectual property over any curriculum you offer through the center. We will all learn from each other, steal cool exercises from each other, and continually evolve each other's best stuff. All concepts and curriculum is treated as open source. Any personal branding will remain 100% the property of the individual teacher.

Code of Colleagues -
-All teachers will strive to expect and desire the best for each other, and want benefit for all teachers as much as they want for themselves
-Anytime we cannot speak completely glowingly about another teacher, that teacher will be the first to hear about it (unless we are triggered such that we seek a third party to process with first, in preparation for co-exploring as soon as possible)
-Much, much more

Competition - Competition will definitely occur, and will be embraced explicitly and as gracefully as possible. To balance undue competition we will keep the Teacher's Circle on the smaller side as we get off the ground, and seek to keep a variety of offerings among us with as little overlap as possible. In cases where multiple teachers are psyched about...parenting for example, a seasonal rotation will be designed and negotiated. In the past, teachers initially made about the same amount of money teaching, sometimes even less, while expending more time and energy on the practice...
Once the membership is in orbit however, teachers who remained committed and aligned with the overall vibe of the center's curriculum found themselves making more money and more impact.

Profit-sharing - %'s for anyone you refer into the membership are to be negotiated as a group, and at times on a case-by-case basis depending on what classes you're offering to the membership, how many members tend to attend your offerings, and how many students you end up referring. In the past it's not been unusual to have to 'go back to the drawing board' and renegotiate %'s to ensure things are feeling balanced and sustainable for all parties. We will consider this part of this whole symbiotic game we're exploring.

Exit-Strategy - we will come to an agreement ahead of time on how we will all commit to handling a separation in any case of one of us choosing to leave, or being asked to leave, the Teacher Circle. Teachers will honor and find ways to celebrate instances of separation and times a fellow teacher chooses to differentiate from the group in any way.

Inevitable Cult'ishness & Guru'ism - Clear vision for how we request to be related to as human beings supporting a community, and clear commitments on how we will honor and relate with members of that community. Public acknowledgement of ways brainwashing occurs unintentionally in groups, and how we support each other to maximize the benefits of conscious community and minimize the pitfalls. Huge one, but fun one.

And many more juicy topics...

We are inviting you based on our perspective and intuition for:
-Your proficiency in your field
-Your subtle resonance with the other teacher candidates
-Your reputation and trust within the existing community
-Your ability to fill seats
-Our gut sense of how safe we feel to create something with you, when what we're setting out to do is totally unproven and definitely both of our biggest personal challenge professionally, in creating something in a balanced and sustainable and ENJOYABLE way.

Confirmed (or extremely likely) Teachers so far -
Decker Cunov
Robert MacNaughton
Jayson Gaddis
Keith Martin Smith
Sujana Palazzo
Marco Lam
Rob McNamara
Brooke Gessay
Kevin Brown
Jason Gore
Sweigh Spilkin
Michael Valdeck

Call to Action -
-If you're in, reply here and we'll be in touch about scheduling our first meeting
-If you're a maybe or Not in, please also reply so we know this got through to you

Please also share any feedback, questions, concerns, etc.

Let's build this fire hot,
Decker Cunov and Robert MacNaughton


Minutes from meeting #1:

Agenda -

• Context -
Dojo - "Where do the black belts get to play?"
Petri Dish - "What synergy is possible between colleagues sharing a temple/clubhouse"
Brand-Holders - "If we're teaching relationship, how seamlessly can we represent each other, have each other's backs AND lovingly call each other out

• Benefits - collaboratively launching this movement together such that we exponentially raise the global frequency and springboard our personal practices (lots of specific ideas discussed here, mostly referenced in invite email + each member has bio on site as core faculty)
• Check-ins - **Wow this is an amazing group of peeps
• Standards & Requirements - One Teacher Meeting/Month + One Council Meeting/Month + Offer Your teachings at center for free & allow members to attend for free + cross-promote each other + Maintain Pristine Relating and Shared Reality with all Teachers (and all of Council to lesser degree)
• Tabled Topics:
* Curriculum Layout (to be explored via phone conversations with Decker asap)
* Keith recommends all teachers are committed to a daily ILP practice: Body/Mind/Spirit/Shadow (and hold each other accountable?)
* Scheduling - Casey working on a magic day that works for everyone currently

other notes:

Tabled Topic:
If there is a teacher you want here who is already somewhat connected to the community, introduce them to Decker asap before we close up the container for a bit (and windows may open in the future of course)

Requirement Summary for Teachers –
Occasional Tours of Duty…like helping lead a men/women circle for a season, etc once the curriculum is full throttle
Maintain Pristine Relating (in what ways with Council…?)
Rigorous Daily Practices? Quick check-in via email on Practices Accountability
Base Fluency in Integral in an hour! OR actually certified as Core Integral Level 1

Brainstorming around Standards of Being
No Slander & Own Truth
No Shaming (or shame entertainingly)
Values - Speak Straight & Appreciation
On-going Permission for Unsolicited Coaching vs Namaste & Cleaning the Glass


Next IC Teacher Circle:
Tues 13 Mar 11:30am-1:30pm (In the Red Room)
Confirmed: Decker, Robert, Casey, Brooke, Keith, Sara, Marco, Jayson, KB, Reuvain, Christiane
Can't make it: Huy Lam & Allison Conte
No Response Yet: McNamara, Sujana, Gore & Sweigh (hope you're feeling better Sweigh)