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Aletheia - A Deep Dive
Into Authentic Community

March 9-11, Boulder, CO

A 3-day intensive where you will learn how to actually create deep connection in your personal relationships.

The Aletheia workshop has the power to give you an experience of the truth of yourself in relationship, that is for many a deeply unique, life shifting event.


The tool at the heart of Aletheia is a relating practice called "Circling," developed over years of trial and error by the folks at Authentic World (Creators of the Authentic Man Program.)

Circling is a practice—a way of being with another person that invites us to drop defenses, get in touch with what is real and let go of the fear of revealing our true selves to others. The experience is pretty wonderful, and definitely unique.

Over the course of the weekend you will experience circling directly, as well as learn to use this tool as a way of being in your own relationships, romantic or otherwise.


All of this is great, but doesn't mean much if you can't bring it home with you and put it into action in your own life.

A side effect of the Circling process, is often a deep sense of openness and healthy vulnerability. We find this to be a key element in creating healthy connecting in communities. This video might give you an idea of what we mean by that:

After you have had the experience of circling and being in community in this way, you won't want to settle for any less. You'll leave with a sense of how to bring more authentic relating to your everyday life and get more satisfying relationships as a result.


In this weekend intensive, you’ll:

  • Find it more easy, comfortable and natural to fully Be Yourself, and Express Yourself.
  • Know wholeness, peace, freedom and love as an Embodied Experience.
  • Set a new bar on the depth of intimacy available, with your closest loved ones and strangers alike.
  • Get the Tools - Learn and practice relating with people in a way that opens their eyes, minds, and hearts.
  • See the unconscious water you’re swimming in, and see the new choices that are possible in your life.
  • Have a deeper experience of connection with the whole that we’re living inside of.


Here’s the bottom line: We can all talk about connection and inspiring relationships, but ask yourself this: Are your interactions actually revelatory? Do your day-to-day conversations crack you open, so your life is never the same?

If not, and you’re inspired by having more tearfully nourishing interactions, deeper and more rewarding connections, then join us for what promises to be a profound weekend, and a benchmark for the depth of connection possible in your life.

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Training with Authentic World has given me an understanding and a framework to know why I love what I love. I knew that I loved connecting with people and being real. I didn’t realize it could be taught! When I started learning it, I saw that in my favorite moments with people, this is what I was doing. And these guys have taken it apart so that it can be taught and can be reproduced more consistently.

Another other thing I love about this work: It allows people to be in the moment and experience themselves and others without a story. Without rejecting story, just seeing that it’s not necessary for revelation.

Circling brings us into a shared experience of the truth of the moment, a space of rawness To me, that’s where magic happens, and that rawness is powerful fuel for my spiritual growth.

- Becca Fresco,
Somatic Bodyworker, 28, California.