Week 2: Habits Begin

Start Tracking Your Habits & Addressing Your Projects:

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Integrity, Commitments, and Renegotiations - [Video/Audio]

Accountability Meetings Context

Check-in Worksheets (Daily or Weekly)

Introducing weekly and daily check-in worksheets. This isn’t required, but recommended. I have built a weekly worksheet that post to this channel, that will:

  1. Help you stay on top of your work and planning, and…
  2. Inspire and encourage others in the group to do the same.

To use this form in Slack, just type “/form weekend”

Here’s my post in Slack about it.

There’s also a daily worksheet that I’ve added to the new channel that Claudia created, #thelist2020-daily-checkins . Click the “+” sign next to Channels to join that group. To use it just type “/form daily” in that channel.

Upcoming Live Group Calls:

Tuesday October 27th — 5pmMDT/7pmEDT: Accountability Check-ins, Co-Working, and Coaching. During these zoom calls, you will be grouped up with other participants or coaches to check-in about how your list is going and ask questions about how to optimize your practice. Zoom link