What is Circling?

Circling is our homegrown inter-subjective meditation practice in which groups of people can support each other delving into the states of awareness normally accessed through sitting on a cushion alone for weeks at a time (or years…). For the record, we’re a big fan of those individual practices AND a relational practice can massively accelerate your evolution of consciousness when undertaken with care and skill.

We have very, very rarely found a style of supporting people with this depth of impact AND with such minimal contrived biases, models, or belief systems that often come with the territory of ‘transformation’.

Our primary vehicle for supporting/coaching people begins by continually letting go of those models/belief systems/assumptions, and putting that freed up attention on experiencing profound connection with each other.

By coming to “get their world”, layer by layer, you can actually help *them* get what their life is like in an increasingly clear and rich way.

The ways in which I don’t totally feel connected to you…not coincidentally often highlight ways in which you aren’t totally connected to yourself…

And it’s a two way street…

By vulnerably expressing my experience as I’m with you, we begin to invite each other deeper, layer by layer, moment by moment. Many aspects of that process make for exquisite moments in any conversation, professionally or socially. Focusing that process into an explicit practice…has lead thousands of people to those kinds of realizations that you can look back at as the moment life would never be the same (in a way you’re happy about).

Circling Fundamentals & Lab
Dive into community using the art of Integral Circling™ to experience the joy of being truly “seen”, identify relational blind spots, and learn ninja relating skills.

Mondays 12-3pm are open to the public and cover the fundamentals of Circling. Great for people new to the practice as well as those with experience looking to enjoy and learn from the purity of the form. Hosted primarily by Ryu Koyama.

Wednesdays 12-3pm are for IC Members Only and requires basic understanding of Circling principles. Hosted primarily by Ryel Kestano.

This is our opportunity to use our high-powered Integral transformational practice, Circling, to work with whatever’s arising in our community. This is a time where we can get more ‘mat-time’ with the art-form, practicing being Circled, being a Circle-member, and being a facilitator if you’re on that training path. Bringing our work into community is courageous and highly effective; let’s bring our best to every moment in service of our selves, our community, and our world.

When you arrive, please check-in with the facilitator if this is your first time joining the lab.

-Cost: Free for IC Members, $20 at the door general.