Coaching, Mentorship, Circling, and Facilitation Services

Robert specializes in the following professional services:

  • Executive Leadership Development — supporting leaders with execution strategies, designing work culture, and navigating interpersonal conflict both personally and professionally
  • Business & Marketing Strategy — supporting entrepreneurs who need experienced support in taking their work to the next level, particularly for those serving development-oriented or “conscious” audiences
  • Community Leadership & Culture Development — specializing in supporting Integral leadership and relational intelligence
  • Integral Circling — For private events, corporate teams, families, and anywhere you're wanting more perspective, connection, and efficiency
  • Facilitation — Large and small group processes, deep-dive off-sites, & relational intelligence skill-building
  • Conflict Mediation — Personal Relationship and Professional conflict mediation, intervention, & resolution
  • Integral Theory, Philosophy, and Application — making sense of things, our lives, our work, and how it fits into the larger cultural-systemic picture
  • Productivity Coaching and supporting people to get their personal and professional lives organized and optimized

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