Luminous Circling Intensive

Watch this video conversation where Decker and Anna-Lisa discuss their first experiences of working with each other, and the powerful new possibilities they encountered. Decker and Anna-Lisa go on to unpack some nuances of the super-powers and shadow aspects of this work, and share some pro-tips.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to practice with two master trainers Anna-Lisa Adelberg of Luminous Awareness Institute & Decker Cunov of the Integral Center and Authentic World.

Be radically inspired and reveal your capacity for effortless genius.

In your most poignant moments with people, those that forge friendships and alliances for life, you access a deep place in yourself and contact a deep place in another. Like any sneak peek at mastery, these profound moments can be so elusive… the harder you try to recreate them the less likely they are to happen again.

We’ll spend two days guiding you deeply into your own relational genius, in ways that will take everything you do to a higher level.

This event will be a unique experience as Anna-Lisa will be adding dimension to Decker Cunov’s no-nonsense approach to deep connection. With these added subtle dimensions you may feel a radical new level of intimacy, access parts of yourself and others you have never or rarely experienced before, and experience a quicker and deeper channel into profound healing.

Tap into these subtleties and you’ll start to feel what distinguishes master facilitators from the rest; how they pull insights about people out of seemingly thin air; and how the spaces they hold take on a seamless flow where things unfold magically and synchronously.

– Extremely deep and vulnerable intimacy practices, potentially unearthing buried emotions and memories
– New ways of perceiving/noticing to take your facilitation (and relationships) to the next level
– Energetic practices that are both healing and enlightening
– Train-the-Trainer exercises in which you explore deeply with someone and receive exquisitely subtle feedback on ways you can facilitate even more profoundly rewarding moments for yourself and anyone you are connecting with

Luminous Circling Intensive, at the Integral Center in Boulder CO
August 19-20th, 10am-6pm both Saturday and Sunday
Registration Cost – $550
Early Bird Discount – $475 if paid by August 13th

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Anna-Lisa Adelberg is founder and teacher of the Luminous Awareness Institute, ( a pioneering program in the fields of subtle energy and awakened consciousness in group and relational fields. Anna-Lisa is well known for her capacity to articulate and transmit the mechanics of subtle phenomena and her uncanny ability, to as her students say, “know what’s going on inside of me.” She is sought after and has coached some of the world’s most renowned business leaders, healers, and spiritual teachers.


Decker Cunov is co-founder and senior trainer for the Integral Center and Authentic World. His teachings inspired the Authentic Relating movement 15 years ago, with practice  communities in over 20 countries (and counting). When not training leaders at our Seminar Center in Boulder, CO, he facilitates team-building and conflict mediation for top tier startups in Silicon Valley. His unique teachings weave the spiritual principles of Integral Theory into down-to-earth practices for everyday connection.