The List for Women


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Women, are you in integrity with yourself and your relationships?

Where might you be withholding a deeper Truth and that’s likely creating some chaos or pain in your life?

I recently had to “come clean” to my man. We’ve had several discussions in the past on why it was important for my body/mind/soul to have a clean and organized home. Unfortunately, like many partners or roommates, our tolerance levels of household “dis-order” are vastly different.

An unhealthy dynamic remained unresolved for two years: his annoyance with my nagging and picky-ness; my frustration with his seeming lack of care and consideration.

But four weeks ago, something clicked and CHANGED EVERYTHING.

What happened??

I started “cleaning out my emotional closet” and began telling deeper truths and drawing important boundaries.

  1. I got REAL with myself about how much a disordered environment impacts me on MANY levels (including how I was showing up with him)
  2. Then I got real with HIM: “This is CRITICAL to my well-being, livelihood and sense of ‘home’ with you. I need your help in solving this to regain my sanity, and I can’t do it alone.”
  3. Without shaming or blaming one another, we spoke our needs and deeper truths. He went from feeling resentful obligation to being totally on fire with helping get the house in order and create systems and habits to keep it that way. I went from thinking he didn’t care, to realizing that he didn’t know what that “please pick up your socks” wasn’t an insult or criticism, it was a request for help. (by the way, he enrolled in The List for Men and is totally kicking ass with it:)

Since then a HUGE invisible barrier that had been stuck between us has been lifted. It’s been replaced with more energy and desire for other things to happen between us (wink).

If this kind of “clearing out the old” in order to create space for the NEW resonates with you, you’ll likely be just as on fire as Josie and I are about offering…


We wanted it. You asked for it, so it’s happening!
Are you ready to finally address the all of the essential areas of your lives(in great detail)?

To get through that big “List” of To-Do’s and piles of stuff that cause you anxiety and frustration, that hold you back, weigh you down, drain your energy and keep you from actualizing the life you know you are here to LIVE?!

Can you imagine what life would be like when…

  • You have increased INTEGRITY, SELF TRUST, vitality, SPACIOUSNESS and clarity?
  • Your home environment feels totally NOURISHING and organized?
  • Your closets and cabinets only contain items that really serve you and that you LOVE?
  • Your finances are in ORDER?
  • Lingering unfinished projects are completed?
  • Your relationships are THRIVING?
  • Your BODY and SPIRIT feel healthier and sexier than ever?
  • And you know that moving forward you have sustainable systems in place so that you feel RELAXED, INSPIRED, FREE AND VIBRANT every day?
  • If so, The List for Women is for YOU.

    Imagine having accomplished so much by early December that you can relax and enjoy your friends and family around the holidays and greet the new year with a renewed sense of potency, purpose and power.

    Inspired by AMP’s “The List” for Men, influenced by several major human development, integral and organizational models, we have something coming to you that will rock your world, uplevel your game, and have you feeling more radiant, alive and resourced than you have in years or even decades!

    Listen to your facilitators of this 7-week program as they dive in and share authentically and vulnerably why they are personally committed to themselves and this community in kicking off a program that will knock off the socks and kick into high gear any woman who is ready and willing to uplevel her life, energy, and impact, in just seven short weeks.

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    In short:

    Starts October 28, 2013
    Weekly group coaching calls including expert guests that empower and inspire you (calls will be recorded and available to participants who can’t make a live call)
    A kick-ass accountability sister who will keep you on fire and on track
    Support Structures and Valuable Resources
    An online community of conscious women who are just as driven and motivated as YOU ARE to uplevel to a whole new way of being and moving in the world

    More details are coming soon…so stay tuned.

    Already know you want in? Email us and we’ll make sure you don’t miss out on the details: Info[at]TheListForWomen(dot)com

    With much Encouragement and Excitement,

    Krista and Josie