The Alchemist Cooperative

The Alchemist Cooperative

Born from an ancient symbiotic culture, rumored to have its origins in a far away Tibetan monastery, we bring you Shen. This elixir comes from a collaboration between our acupuncturist, Marco Chung-Shu Lam, who uses his knowledge of potent Chinese medicinal herbs and our in-house Alchemist, Ish, who holds the knowledge of how to care for the Jun cultures.

We have created three blends that are designed with very specific intentions to help bring you to your fullest potential. We start with organic green tea and raw Colorado honey, combined with live enzyme cultures and a variety of carefully selected herbs and fruits to create a magical synergy of benefits. The result: A pro-biotic, enzyme rich elixir, loaded with antioxidants and numerous nutritious vitamins and minerals, that not only tastes great but will have you feeling serene from head to toe.

Some of you may have seen members of our community sipping from a blue glass bottle and joining in the euphoria. One sip will lead to a thousand.

In service of an enlightened and alive culture, Marco

The Elixirs

Renes: Adrenal Restorative Elixir
Based on the classic Rehmannia six, this earthy blend has a deeply rejuvenating and nourishing effect. This cooling restorative potion helps rejuvenate those who have been burning the candle at both ends, supporting them to feel resourced while giving their gifts to the fullest
-rehmannia (cooked)-cornus-chinese dioscorea-poria mushroom-root core of moutan-melissa officinalis-siberian ginseng-goji-schizandra

Amo: Love Potion
We wanted to created something that just tasted really good and have a deeply sensual mouth-feel. The heady aroma of damiana and the sweet middle note of raspberries makes for a delicious treat for those who are new to jun. This is a warming elixir that surges heat and passion to the reproductive organs and supports sexual vitality.
-damiana-epimedium-licorice-ginseng-cinnamon-maca -raspberry leaf-fresh rasberries

Tonos: Mandala Tonic Elixir
This is our flagship tonic for increasing stamina, clarity and strength. The three ginsengs in the formula are renowned for their ability to support stamina in both mental and physical tasks. It does so, in part, by supporting healthful hormonal balance and wellbeing. This formula is recommended for anyone who takes on either high stress levels, regular airplane travel or high intensity growth practices.
siberian ginseng-bastard ginseng-chinese white ginseng-atractylodes-poria mushroom-licorice -reishi mushroom-astralagus-tulsi

Community Supported Alchemy

We are looking for guild members to join us in our alchemy and to purchase shares in our alchemical order. Like a CSA (community supported agriculture), your membership allows for us to both create and pursue one of our passions and in exchange you get a portion of what we produce.

We have three levels of support and exchange:
Bronze: 1 bottle/month $15/month
Silver: 2 bottles/month $25/month
Gold: 4 bottles/month $40/month

We will have pickup days twice a month and celebratory gatherings around them.

Please contact Marco Lam or Ish to become a member of the Alchemist Guild.