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Let’s Get Started

You’ll find everything you need to get started here. Click on Step #1 Below.

If you get stumped at any time (and can’t access Slack), please email us at

Step #1 - Make a copy of your List

 Make a copy of the List Google Spreadsheet here

Open this link ; “File > Make a Copy” ; Rename


Step #2 - Schedule time to build your list

  • Block out 1 hour on your calendar for drafting your List
  • At that time, now or both: Watch or listen to the Build & Customize Your List video or audio here
  • Get all of your habits and projects drafted in all 5 categories

Download Video Link  (Right-Click > Save-As)

Audio Only:

Step #3 - Tell us your plan for accountability

Step #4 - Join the Slack Workspace and Channel

Click this image/link here to join the List channels in the Integral Centered Leadership Slack Workspace.



This is where you’ll:

  • Find the rest of the List members and coaches
  • Post your wins, challenges, and questions to inspire and get support
  • Complete Weekday Worksheets to stay on track and motivate others
  • Find my important updates, reminders, and tips and tricks posted regularly through the 7 weeks

If you’re new to Slack, take a quick look at this article to get oriented. You’ll also want to download the desktop and/or mobile app here so you can receive notifications.

Step #5 - Schedule and attend Live Coaching and Co-Working events

Here are the upcoming live events to add to your schedule:

Tuesday October 20th — 5pmMDT/7pmEDT: List Building, Feedback, and Q&A Coaching. This is an opportunity to get Robert’s help drafting your list, finalizing, and clearing up any questions. Zoom link

Friday October 23rd — 5pmMDT/7pmEDT: List Feedback, Sign-off, and Q&A Coaching. This is an opportunity to get feedback from other participants and coaches to finalize your list and clear up any questions. Zoom link

Sunday October 25th — 7pmMDT/9pmEDT: Accountability Check-ins and Co-Working. Dan will be hosting this group call where you can get ahead with next actions and get support from others. Add to Calendar  Zoom link

Tuesday October 27th — 5pmMDT/7pmEDT: Accountability Check-ins, Co-Working, and Coaching. During these zoom calls, you will be grouped up with other participants or coaches to check-in about how your list is going and ask questions about how to optimize your practice. Zoom link

More to be announced soon!

Have any questions for us?
Feedback about how this page works?
Please leave them here (or Slack) so we know how to make this better and support you more.


  1. Nina Murrell

    Hello, it looks like only the ‘Getting Started’ link is clickable. The Week 1: Preparation Week is not clickable.

    • Robert MacNaughton

      Yes. I’m adding content to that page, but don’t want to distract anyone yet from the first steps.

  2. Mark Van Mouwerik

    To confirm, we’re spending the first week (starting on Oct. 19) MAKING our lists and the next six weeks (ending Dec. 6) DOING what’s on our lists, yes?

    • Robert MacNaughton

      You got it! Thanks Mark.

  3. Alison Walker

    Quotes! <3 Anyone else have one?
    Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

    – C. S. Lewis
    This course shall make a better of me! <3 #bestselfrising
    So pumped for the co-working and the calls and thanks for the video!


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