Who comes to Aletheia, and why? Here are a few perspectives to consider…

1.) You have a feeling that something new is emerging in your life and you’re ready to show-up for it.

“After +45 years of spiritual search, yoga, meditation, awareness, many profound experiences and insights, there was still something very much lacking. The Aletheia weekend was a major breakthrough for me, and it feels like a permanent shift. Theoretically it was not so new, but it felt like many pieces of the puzzle fell into place, and that all I only knew before suddenly “incarnated”, became a reality, even in my physical body. It was like coming home in myself. Also it was great to discover all these misconceptions about myself and others, a beautiful sense of newness and not-knowing.” CB

2.) You crave the feeling of being immersed in a community of caring, humble, skillful people that can “play” at your level.

“Powerful, emotional, and deep, deep connections. Thank you for providing a safe container, intense dives and a feeling of total love at the end of the weekend.” MS

3.) You’ve heard of this “circling” business and want to check it out for yourself. Aletheia is staffed with only our most experienced Integral Circling facilitators, and this is the training that we most celebrate and enact the purity of this powerful practice.

“I personally want to thank everybody on staff here for making what goes on here a reality. For taking the initiative to be bold in the face of unknowing where it will go and what impact it will produce, and for following what you all experience in your hearts to be a greater service in the development of each person that comes through those doors. One by one humanity becomes more aware through your work.” CG

4.) You need some real you time. Aletheia is an oasis from your routine and is designed to fully love you up in the ways that normal life just doesn’t provide.

“Emergence is breathtaking to experience, heart-opening to witness, and most transformative in community. What was created this weekend was a family, a returning to source—sourcing self from a deep well of love & truth that remains ever-unfolding.” LG

5.) You want a fire-hose of skillful reflection about how you be with others, so that you can have a radically “up to date” sense of who you are with others—instead of just running on the same old stories. You know that relationships are everything, and if there’s a blind-spot in how you’re being with others, you want to know about it so you can truly bring your best to your world.

“I feel I know myself better and have realized the poetic beauty in every person. The Circling process has shown me that richness and the poetry in people. I’m just full of wonder and amazement and love.” JJ

6.) Life is a bit uninspiring of late and you know there’s more; you just need a reminder. Charles Eisenstein wrote, “Boredom is a defining characteristic of modern society — it represents a hunger for authentic experience.”

“I am so blown away by Authentic community. Present, appreciative, integral, whole, and joyous – filled with people who would rather see who you are than be made comfortable by who you pretend to be – striving towards the most beautiful imperfection – loving and open to being loved . . . I feel as though in the last 3 days I got to live out a lifetime of depth in relationship. This trip gave me just what I needed: certainty that I’m exactly where, and who, I need to be. SN

7.) You want to play an important part in the process of other’s life journey by sharing your unique gifts. The entire Aletheia weekend thrives from each participant’s participation. The magic doesn’t come from the course leaders, but from every one of us who summons the courage to bring themselves.

“The secret to wealth is simple: Find a way to do more for others than anyone else does. Become more valuable. Do more. Give more. Be more. Serve more.” – Tony Robbins

(Okay, here’s a bonus reason…)

8.) You want to experience what the Integral Center is truly all about in its essence. Aletheia was our first and most foundational training here at the Integral Center. It captures the heart of what we’re all about, enabling our healthy evolution and maturity through relationship practice. And its success over the years has paved the way for everything else that we are today.

“Feeling the details of love. Community of hearts. Leaders of truth. A gift of openness. A place to stand in the eyes of others, In the arms of support. I am here and feel it all.” GL

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