By: Jess Nichol

As Senior Course Leaders at the IC, and being a couple, Josh and I often get asked if Circling shows up in our relationship.

The answer is a big, resounding YES.

We tell our T3 students that, while we obvious love Circling as a formal practice, the biggest payoff for us doesn’t actually happen in the Circles.

Rather, Circling is the training ground for developing the essential abilities that allow us to have the kind of fulfilling relationships we want in our lives–with each other and with everyone else who is important to us.

Here’s a video of Josh and me talking about how Circling is relevant to our relationship. It was filmed 2 years ago at the Circling Summit at the IC. The audio and video quality aren’t great, but lots of people have enjoyed it anyway. And one IC community member eventually moved himself and his family to Boulder from the East Coast as a result of watching this video.

If you’re curious about how Circling can improve your relationships, check it out.

Also, the next round of our 9-month Circling training (T3) begins February 10th. Early Bird price expires Dec 31.