Why spend our lives supporting communities to accelerate the evolution of its members?


I figure we’re always growing and evolving anyway, whether we intend to or not, and when we backslide even our darkest moments will ultimately serve our deepest realizations, in this lifetime or another.

To intentionally accelerate this process of evolving towards ever-increasingly happy and loving persons…the only reason to go out of my way to do that is that…

  • The survival of our species and many, many others likely depends upon it.
  • The facilitation of our evolution can be enjoyable for it’s own sake (i.e. a uniquely exhilarating ride, satisfaction guaranteed… eventually).
  • The impulse to evolve is so intrinsic to us that we ultimately can’t help ourselves (the eternal impulse that ushered in the capacity to destroy our own home is the same impulse that urges us to now protect and restore it).

So the next leg of your journey might be most enriched by withdrawing from interpersonal dealings altogether as you delve into your individual process, and hats off to my modern-day-monk buddies who own nothing and will give up anything to deepen their love for this world and everything in it. But many of you will find that real, raw, uncut and in-the-moment relating is exactly what the doctor ordered.

If you feel a bit stuck, or are feeling restless and ready for the next chapter of ‘you’, and you have a hunch that profound community is the crucible you’re looking for, glad you’ve found us.

We eat, breath, sleep relationship as spiritual practice.

Decker_Trent03We see the waves of evolution throughout society and history coming in cycles, and this wave towards embodiment and connection is…Due. Putting less emphasis on insightful abstraction as we move towards intimate and raw connection with our lives and our environment…this movement is only one side of the evolutionary coin and it’s not the wave that got the first man on the moon, but for now it is the wave that’ll inspire us to leave this planet more inhabitable for my son.

Astonished at & Grateful for this Life,

Decker Cunov & the Integral Center Team

Our Biases:

* Self-Awareness: It is “better” to be aware than unaware of my own experience.
* Self-Acceptance: It is “better” to fully feel and express rather than repress or deny my own experience.
* Self-Determination: It is “better” to create my values, rather than take on the assumptions/judgements of others, inspired by my own experience.
* Self-Love: It is “better” to play this game as right with ourselves as we can possibly be (even as we are also a masterpiece in progress).
* Self-Transcendence: It is “better” to play this game in constant discovery of ourselves, rather than filtering/rehearsing, as a moment-by-moment dance.

Our Promises:

* Keepin’ it Real: 0% tolerance for unexamined ‘woo woo’ – Unless it Works.
* Keepin’ it Integral: All distinctions grounded in highest-level transcendent frameworks we’ve found anywhere, while maintaining down-to-earth results-oriented attitude.
* Keepin’ it Legit: Our marketing will always be an exploration of how to motivate positive change by Saying what we Actually Mean & Actually Delivering what we Offer (even if it costs us sales).
* Keepin’ it Humble: Our cultish’ness stays in check to the degree that we own our opinions as Our Opinions and insist that your opinions remain Your Opinions.
* Keepin’ it Authentic: Finally, no pomp to ‘establish legitimacy’: our credentials are based on one thing – the Value You Receive.

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