We had the transcendent pleasure of having Ken Wilber join us for our first Aletheia Circling weekend in 2011. During his presentation and Q&A, you can listen as Ken talks about how important more authentic relating is to our awakening and development as a culture.

“It’s just good-er.” – Ken Wilber

Beyond the content that was shared, we were awe-struck by how powerfully the shared transmission was felt, even though Ken was joining us by phone. The power of seeing the vision of an Integral world, while feeling the effects of having been in the practice all weekend created a truly kosmic cocktail. I’m excited that you can share a taste by listening to this powerful recording.

Following this historic event, our team took over management of what is now the Integral Center, and have been hosting Integral Circling trainings and daily offerings ever since.

Click here to learn more and join us for the next Aletheia Integral Circling weekend at the Integral Center in Boulder Colorado.