Thank you for checking-out our top resources on Relational Leadership. We’ve been developing this work, and networking with similar experts in the field to help practitioners and professionals like yourself. We hope you enjoy this compilation of some of our best work.

First off, we’re proud to share our Foundations of Authentic Relating series. This is a tremendous introduction to the practice of Authentic Relating, which truly has the power to transform all of your relationships. 

The top 10 presentations recorded from the
Relational Leadership Summit 2016

What the Heck is Leadership, Anyway?
with Jason Gore

Emotions are Overrated
with Mark Michael Lewis

Self as Instrument
with Rob McNamara
and Maria Bailey

What is Relational Leadership?
The Four Holding Environments
with Robert MacNaughton 

The Path to Connection and Peace
with Jonathan Bender

Running a Business, Community, and Movement
with Robert Kandell

The Three Stages of Relationship
with Michael Porcelli

Common Failure Modes of Authentic Relating
with Heather McClellan

What Does it Mean to be a Global Citizen?
with Jack Butler

The Myth of Authenticity
with Josh Zemel

Finally, a few bonuses from our archive we think you’ll enjoy:


Agreements that Support an Integral Culture

A Practice for Growing Integrity

3 Reasons to Say the Hard Thing