Robert MacNaughton here— I’m excited to share with you something that has rocked my world open for the past few years.

That being the work of AuthenticWorld, an Integrally based company out of San Francisco, and, in particular, the transformational process they’ve come to call “Circling”.


I had an amazing community here in Boulder, but was still somewhat dissatisfied with the level of connection I felt with them…

While I liked the people themselves, I still often felt unheard, not seen, and lonely, and I could see that I wasn’t the only one…

As Ken says, “Relationship seems to be more important than ever and yet more elusive than ever. That’s the real irony of the postmodern situation, that the thing that is probably valued most highly, which is relatedness—is the thing that people have the least of in any authentic sort of way.”


I eventually discovered the trainings being offered by AuthenticWorld, and immediately began having major breakthrough experiences through a transformational process called “circling” that impacted my entire life.

I was having more raw, real interactions with people, and the connections I made were finally nourishing to me!

Members of my community began giving me feedback about how being with me felt different…that I even looked different!

I didn’t believe them at first, but as I continued to receive this feedback, and I saw these changes in myself and in the quality of my connections with people in my community, I had to agree with them.

And the benefits of this “circling” practice I’ve been learning have continued. In fact, I’ve started holding special evening sessions at my house every Wednesday where 10-20 people gather at my house, most of them “Integral folk”, to explore this practice deeper.


I feel like I’ve been a “dual citizen” as part of both communities for the past 2+ years, and I’m excited to see these communities connecting more…

Decker Cunov, co-founder of Authentic World, and his crew joined us at last year’s Integral Spiritual Experience where their practice sessions were a big hit and grew every day.

I’ve seen firsthand how hungry the Integral community has been for more relationship practices, and I see this as a “missing piece” we’ve been looking for — I’ve heard this call repeatedly, and that’s why I’m sending you this email today.

I’ve found that those like you who are committed to living a life of Integral practice have been LOVING this.

So, to start off, Decker and I recorded a call recently where we discuss our experiences with this work and the simplicity of what’s involved. If what I’ve been saying resonates with you at all, I think you’ll enjoy hearing the recording.

Listen to this recording and learn about:

  • How relationship can be an unbelievable vehicle for spiritual growth
  • How Integral theory can be applied to relationships in a way that makes them unrecognizably potent
  • A simple practice you can apply to your next interaction to tap into greater depth and insight

Click the play button or click here to listen

Robert MacNaughton Decker Cunov

Here’s the practice:
In any interaction, focus on enjoying the flavors and textures of what it feels like to be together. There’s no hunting, fixing, or trying to get somewhere better. This is a practice of profoundly welcoming where we’re already at. By being more richly with what’s here right now–by including this moment as deeply as possible–the inspiration for something new comes naturally.

“We don’t throw around the phrase relationship as spiritual practice anymore. We actually mean it. At least once a day I have an interaction with someone where one of us, if not both of us, have the experience of realization of transcending who I thought I was, while more richly including my embodied experience. Effortlessly, by virtue of an integral quality of relating.”
Decker Cunov, co-founder of Authentic World, and senior course leader for Aletheia