Many who consider themselves on a path of self-development still see the body as an afterthought or a vehicle to be fine-tuned and maintained. In his Relational Leadership Summit talk, A.J. Pape opens new possibilities of living in the body as the ground of life, the place we can directly access the evolutionary impulse at root. This path is not merely feeling our sensations, but also discovering how the body is where we learn, how we change and evolve, and where we connect with others & with our great work in life.

A.J. Pape has been coaching leaders professionally since 1993. Originally Canadian, A.J.’s work has taken him to London, Brazil, The Netherlands, and around the U.S. His focus is building leaders and teams who generate extraordinary results through powerful shared practices. Since 1999, A.J. has studied embodied leadership at Strozzi Institute, where he is a Certified Somatic Coach and assistant teacher. He has brought embodied leadership training to Global 500 companies and small non-profits around the world. One of his current learning edges is more deeply embracing positive feedback. Contact A.J. at