When you find yourself judging–and making someone or something wrong–are you wanting them to go away, or are you willing to take some responsibility to actually improve things?

In this #Enactment episode with Dr. Keith Witt, we explore a range of topics including: asking for help, taking responsibility, spiral wizardry, parenting, depression, the gifts of shame, shadow work, community leadership, what really creates health, and a lot more.

Here’s the full interview broken into two parts:

If you just have a bit of time, be sure to listen to this 4min clip where Dr. Keith offers a powerful practice about how to work with our judgements productively, and step in to being advocates for the higher good.

We’ve broken-out a dozen more of the pithier clips so you can access some of the content more easily.

Dr. Keith WittDr. Keith Witt is a licensed psychologist and marriage family therapist who has practiced psychotherapy in Santa Barbara for over thirty-five years. He received his BA in psychology with honors from UCSB in 1973, his MA in Counseling Psychology from UCSB in 1975, and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Fielding Institute in 1982. His dissertation exploring somatic psychotherapy was entitled an investigation of the effectiveness of talking plus touching in enhancing health.

He has conducted over forty-five thousand therapy sessions, hundreds of group sessions, and taught numerous classes and workshops.

Dr. Witt is currently a popular professor at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, and is a writer, lecturer, and workshop leader. He has expertise in: Individual counseling, Marriage counseling, Family counseling, Sex therapy, Group therapy, and Clinical Supervision.

Dr. Witt is is the author of five books:
* Integral Mindfulness: from Clueless to Dialed-In – How Integral Mindful Living Makes Everything Better
Waking Up: Psychotherapy as Art, Spirituality and Science
Sessions: all therapy involves relationships integrating toward unity
The Attuned Family; how to be a great parent to your children and a great lover to your spouse
The Gift of Shame: why we need shame and how to use it to love and grow

In the last decade Keith has been synthesizing and applying Integral psychology, David Deida’s teachings about the masculine and feminine, ascending and descending spiritual practices, developmental neurobiology, manifestation systems, and attachment research. This work has yielded classes, workshops, four books, and clinical training organized around the principle that therapists best serve by discerning and enhancing their natural healing styles.

Born in Hawaii, raised in suburban Los Angeles, Keith has lived and worked in Santa Barbara since 1967. Dedicating himself at fifteen to becoming a psychotherapist, he has been studying, practicing, teaching, and generating transformative healing systems ever since. During this time he has enthusiastically surfed, played tennis, tap-danced, and fronted his rock and roll band Blown Head Gasket. He earned his black belt in Shotokan Karate in 1969, continued to study martial arts, and presently enjoys tai chi. He and his wife Becky met in 1973 and have two grown children, Ethan and Zoe.