Artist's Statement:

This symbol, created to represent the Integral Center, depicts an equilateral cross largely obscured by the meeting of two discreet curved shapes moving in a spiral.

The cross represents two aspects: The first is the quadrant cross, the quintessential integral emblem. Secondly, the cross represents masculine vertical transcendence and feminine horizontal embrace. Simple enough.

While the form party has been steady poppin' since way before the quadrants were differentiated, it is only through their differentiation that they could be integrated into a free functioning integral consciousness of a human being.

The spiral largely obscures the delineating lines of the cross. This represents the primacy of unknowability of our life, self and relationships. If the background cross is our map, then the spiral is our territory; the immediacy of this and every moment in all its mystery and glory.

The spiral is at once diving into itself through relating to itself as two, and also remaining awake and practical in the world. This is signified by the fact that the ends of the spiral are not tapering to infinity in an exponential sharpening but instead by having soft edges, remain in the world, personable and awake while in touch with infinite nature.

The spiral is composed of two tendrils meeting in midair. This, very simply, represents our we-space, our indivisible consciousness self-transforming itself into a multiplicity of bodyminds—self and other. It is our practice space.

The symmetry of the entire shape represents our inherent radical composure amidst the absolute mystery that we are. After all, to find one's self as self hovering in emptiness might in some cases might warrant panic but mysteriously does not.

Aesthetically, the logo appears slightly unresolved and unfinished and at the same time resolved and complete. The distal ends of the white cross open into the white space creating an open current that subtly seeks resolution. This feature becomes more apparent when compared side by side with the version that has a containing circle. When truly seen, this current is vital, and represents our erotic drive towards greater illumination and integration. However, with a soft integral gaze, the aspects that create the subtle polarized current are observed as an essential part of the inherent completion. Completely incomplete, forever.

More simply put: This logo represents the rubber meets the road of what has been referred to as the Second Wave of integral. Overt theory is silenced and real practice, however grimy, is taken up, with the basic intention to embody our greatest complexity in Love. The cross is integral theory, our history, our love for Ken. And the spiral is the immediacy of our we-space, our meeting point, our infinity, our activity, and our practice. Radically unknowable. Grounded and loving as the world itself.